Current Works In Progress

My weavings with copper wire and wool are an art in themselves.  The process for me is so much more important than the final piece.  This is the same for most of my work, but the large weavings are reflective, meditative, and healing.  That is not to say they are easy... In fact there are many interesting days and even more frustrating ones: loosing concentration, problems, and so forth.  In the end though somehow a beautiful piece develops that surprises even myself.  I am hoping that I can help keep those who are curious to be part of this journey a way to check in and see the piece and myself develop through this process.  I will post thoughts and updates on the progress as well as photos and hopefully some short videos along the way.   I may also post some shots of other works in progress, because lets face it I can’t work only on one weaving and nothing else... the frustration level would go through the roof.

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